Company Profile

Loveedy is a B2B wholesaler integrating clothing R&D, production and sales. Its exquisite, elegant, fashionable and modern brand style leads the new trend of fashionable business women's clothing and has won the favor of urban fashion consumers, celebrity artists and fashion media.

Development Path

Starting in 2020, loveedy would be officially launched as a women’s clothing sales website

In 2021, the young fashionable women's clothing category will begin to mature and gradually move into other women's clothing fields.

In 2022, we will start self-development of women's clothing styles and customer customization business, and prepare to transform into B2B

In 2023, we will officially transform into an online wholesaler B2B, providing products to sellers on popular advertising channels such as Facebook, Google, Tik tok, etc.

In 2024, we will start small customization and manufacturing services


At the same time, Loveedy provides small customization services and provides fast and convenient procurement and shipping services for all types of clothing sellers.

Massive hot-selling products

Loveedy will select clothing products for sale on various social channels as well as online and offline to put on the shelves. Customers can sell based on our best-selling products. Contact us and we will provide high-quality material pictures or videos.

Complete production line

We have our own mature clothing production workshop to overcome any clothing manufacturing problems and meet the needs of outstanding sellers with the most cost-effective finished products.

Huge Warehouse

We also have a huge warehouse to solve inventory problems for small and medium-sized sellers.

Small Batch Customization

We provide small batch customization services (minimum batch size 50 pieces)

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